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Blades (blank)

Blades (blanks for blades)

Blade is one of the most important elements of knives. A high quality blade ensures long-lasting service, therefore, when you choose a knife, it is important to take many special properties into account. As for hunting knives, a blade can be quite an individual choice. We can only suggest the steel and give recommendations on other properties. One of the most high quality steel brands is stainless damask: it is superior over many other brands with its cutting properties; however, cheap damask steel can disappoint the user. Blades made of damask steel are of very high quality, they are beautiful and have perfect cutting properties. However, damask steel blades require good care, since this steel contains carbon and therefore it is corrodible. The most universal steel for blades is stainless steel 95x18; it is strong and rather hard, and it remains sharp over time. Steel 65x13 is a kind of budget steel for blades, such blades do not remain sharp long, but they can be rather easily sharpened.

If your blade needs to be sharpened, please specify it when placing your order!

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