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Knives made of Damascus steel

Of Damascus steel knives

Nowadays it is possible to buy knives of different design made of damask steel in many specialized stores. Damask steel does not lose its exclusivity throughout the time, but it only becomes better and stays in line with modern requirements. Today you can buy damask knives which can be used for different purposes: hunting, cooking knives, folding knives.

Video testing of Damascus steel knives

Steel Knives h12MF

of Damascus steel ax

The knife from Damascus steel Zybr

Catalog knives of Damascus steel: characteristics, photos, prices.

A good knife of Damascus will faithfully serve you and on the hunt, and in the kitchen. Chef's knife fromamascus steel will be from day to day and to please a professional chef and an ordinary housewife. But nothing of the folding knives of Damascus and can not speak, so the knife is useful to everyone. Best gift just will not find!

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