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Gun Oil Ballistol Spray 100ml

Gun Oil Ballistol Spray 100ml

Артикул: 1940-1
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  • Ballistol universal oil is time-tested. Created before the First World War. All-natural ingredients (without chemicals!!!). Excellent removes copper plating, svintsova, red brass, carbon deposits from trunks and cartridge chambers of firearms, protects wooden parts of the weapon, clears, impregnates and softens products from skin. Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. There have been cases of application of this composition German soldiers with diarrhea. Ballistol neutralizes and removes acid rain from the gunpowder. Ballistol provides a protective film on the metal surface, preventing harmful external effects. Due to the high fluidity, it is able to penetrate into the small cracks on the metal surface. Dissolves copper, lead & tombac. Cleans silver and brass to Shine.

    Ballistol effectively protects leather from damage caused by insects and fungi, creates a waterproof protective layer. Neutralizes residues Deplete the tannic acid in the skin. Ballistol protects and preserves all natural wood products. Improves the appearance of the wood and protects it from the damaging effects of moisture and insects. Ideal for furniture care.

    Ballistol is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. Has bactericidal and disinfectant properties and promotes the healing of wounds (insect bites, cuts, blisters). Ballistol is the right choice.

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