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Knives Nazarov Forge

Уважаемые дамы и господа только с 1 февраля 2017 года и по 28 февраля 2017 года Кузница Назарова В.В. проводит акцию "23 февраля". Организатор акции ИП Назаров В.В. Количество ножей ограничено. Спешите. Акция действительна при 100% предоплате. Купить...

Nowadays it is not easy to buy a knife that meets all the needs of a hunter or tourist. At V.V. Nazarov Forge, you will find the model of a knife that will meet all your requirements. V.V. Nazarov Forge is the manufacturer of marketable knives that has been on the market for more than 10 years. If you decided to buy a knife from us - it is the right decision! We are the manufacturer of marketable knives, and you will pass the dealer's margins, leading to significant overpayments. Moreover, buying a knife you will get a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, which will give you the right to get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase, or to replace the product in case of damage, as well as to make the restoration of the knife. All knives produced in our forge pass strict quality control before shipping to the buyer.

Today, in our country, and abroad, there are many manufacturers of knife products. In a competitive environment, we try to maintain the highest quality so that our client always remains satisfied with our products, while maintaining affordable prices for the products. We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with the knives produced by us.
покупка нож у кузнеца Назарова В.В. Изготовление дамасских ножей в г. Ворсма    Изготовление ножей кузнецом

In our forge, we manufacture knives of different steels. The handles of knives are made only from environmentally friendly and natural materials such as birch bark, birch burl, walnut, Karelian birch and other species that are presented in our assortment. All knives are completed with individually sewn pouch of genuine leather with the exclusive mark "V.V. Nazarov Forge"

How do we produce our knives?

The production of knives of each series requires great accuracy. Any knife goes through several stages of manufacture before getting on sale in stores. 

1. The start-up phase of the production is the metal cutting with the shaping of blades and guard cutting.

Further, the blades are processed using plumbing method. The necessary holes are drilled, and the nails are removed. 

2. At the next stage the blades are polished and machined. The blades are processed using various abrasive materials in the polishing area. Then the thickness of the cutting edge is finally selected. The blades are prepared for polishing on vibratory finishing machine or polishing equipment. If the handles are made of wood, they shall be dried before cutting into workpieces. 

3. The production of knives includes the decoration stage. The original drawing is applied on this area of the blades. Most often, this pattern is used for knives uniqualization. Then the blades are etched, covered with black chrome, decorative materials, some of the details are bright dipped. 

4. The final stage of the knives production is their assembly. The relevant fittings and other necessary details are attached to the knives. The finished knives are tested for compliance with all regulatory standards, and then they are packed and sent to the warehouse. 

The Nazarov Forge designers develop all the products. There the various models of knives are tested for strength and only then released for production. 

The final phase of the assembly takes place in the jewelry shop.

When you say to yourself - I will buy a knife, surely you want to buy a reliable assistant that will not fail in a difficult situation. However, strangely enough, today it is quite difficult to do this unless, of course, you are a qualified expert in this field.

The dominance of "authentic knives" in our market is the primary danger that each potential buyer must keep in mind. The frank imitations of quality works of well-known manufacturers are sometimes called this way. The knives should be acquired only in specialized stores. This is supported by the following facts: 

• First of all, the realities of our market are such that the high-quality knives are available exclusively in specialized online shops or department stores, because reputable dealers usually work with reliable suppliers;

• You can count on full information and, of course, on a guarantee on all purchased goods in such stores only. You should be skeptical about the markets and other "wild" places of sale. 

• Good steel, which is the basis of any knife, its manufacturing methods, formulas and secret additives are usually kept in the strictest confidence. An important thing for each buyer is that the steel of a knife would not contain substances that can cause poisoning, would be solid and sharp, and it is not necessary to say about this when buying a secondhand knives often made of tool steel; 

• All products available for sale shall be duly certified as the products for household purposes, otherwise you cannot be 100% sure that the purchase is not a cold weapon, to which the legislator can attribute your "ad hoc" purchase with purely formal characteristics or minor details. Therefore, in order to avoid possible problems, you should buy only certified goods. 

The copycats are different from the quality products based on the following:

• The parts are badly fitted with respect to each other, there may be protrusions and irregularities;

• The mark or logo are poorly applied;

• Skewed, difficult to read labels;

• No sharpening;

• The manufacturing company and the country of origin are not indicated. 

As you can see from the above, it is difficult to choose a high quality knife, so you need to go to a specialized store! Our store is the right choice! You can buy from us not only knives, but also related products:  ammunition, boxes, care products, etc. In addition, there is a wide range of replica swords made on the basis of the samples of Russian troops and internal forces awarded to those distinguished.

Несмотря на то, что нижегородские ножи, изготавливаемые серийно на фабриках в Ворсме и Павлово, отличаются отменным качеством и пользуются в мире большой популярностью, большинство мужчин предпочитают ножи ручной работы . И для этого есть несколько причин. При серийном производстве ножей...

Русские ножи: история. Если ненадолго углубиться в историю нашей страны, то можно заметить, что у древних славян кузнечное дело очень тесно переплеталось с изготовлением русских ножей . Оружие огнестрельное было изобретено намного позже. А основным видом холодного оружия во все времена...

Нижний Новгород и населенные пункты нижегородской области издавна были известны по всей России своими кузнецами, оружейниками и резчиками по дереву. Работы нижегородских мастеров всегда отличались оригинальной конструкцией, сложной формой и наличием богатого декоративного орнамента. В 18 веке...

Павловские ножи Человек и нож вместе уже не одно тысячелетие. Одним из первых орудий, которое изобрел человек, был нож. Вначале это мыл просто заточенный камень. Или кость животного. Постепенно человек узнал металл и освоил работу с ним. С тех пор нож стал металлическим. В каждой...

Несмотря на то, что большинство из людей в наше время прекратили охотиться, и добывают пищу для себя и своей семьи совсем другим путем, нож остается неотъемлемым элементом жизни человека. Без ножа практически невозможно приготовить пищу, он является незаменимым в различных походах, на рыбалке и...

Если вы ищите хороший нож, то найдете большой ассортимент качественных ножей в нашем магазине. Ассортимент самый разнообразный и приемлемые цены. Мы предлагаем вашему вниманию охотничьи, кухонные, профессиональные, поварские и разделочные ножи отменного качества кузнеца Назарова В.В.,...