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Knife Puma X12MF birch bark

Knife Puma X12MF birch bark

Артикул: 1040-1

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По Вашему желанию мы можем нанести на клинке ножа: надпись, Ваше ФИО, пожелание или рисунок (к примеру какого-нибудь животного). Гравировка Кузница Назарова В.В. наносится бесплатно.
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  • Popular model knife forged steel hand made is a product structurally similar to  a cold weapon. The product is certified according to GOST 51644-2000 "Knives and skinning". 

    The product is equipped with the genuine leather sheath and a passport of a knife.


    Resizing knife
    possible within the framework of the certification documents. It is possible to manufacture the knife in
    other modifications (changing the material of a handle and/or blade steel), only
    materials presented on the site, in consultation with the Manager. The product
    the changed modification is classified as "not standard" and is subject
    prepaid (about payment methods here) in the amount of from 40% to 100%.

    The application of individual
    engraving on knife is made only after 100% prepayment for the service.

    The transport of the products of the Forge
    Nazarov produced around the Globe. Read more on the page

    • Blade steel tipe h12MF
    • Материал рукояти Береста
    • Lengtn blade (os) 130 mm
    • Witdth blade (os) 30 mm
    • Толщина клинка 2.4 mm
    • Lengtn handle (os) 125 mm
    • Hardness (HRC) 64
    • Product weight, gram 150
    • Sheath Leather

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