Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
Throwing knife Kunai 65h13
* Возможны незначительные отличия от фото (рисунок на лезвии/рукояти).

Throwing knife Kunai 65h13

Throwing knife Kunai 65h13

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1 рабочая неделя
По Вашему желанию мы можем нанести на клинке ножа: надпись, Ваше ФИО, пожелание или рисунок (к примеру какого-нибудь животного). Гравировка Кузница Назарова В.В. наносится бесплатно.
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  • A popular model of a handmade forged steel knife is a product structurally similar to melee weapons. The product is certified according to GOST 51644-2000 "Cutting and skinning knives".

    The product is completed with a genuine leather sheath and a knife passport.

    Product specifications:

    Changing the dimensions of the knife is possible within the framework of certification documents. It is possible to manufacture a knife in a different modification (changing the material of the handle and / or blade steel), only from the materials presented on the site, in agreement with the manager. A product with a modified modification is classified as “non-standard” and is subject to prepayment (about payment methods here) in the amount of 40% to 100%.

    Individual engraving on the knife is made only after 100% prepayment for the service.

    Delivery of products of the Nazarov Forge is carried out all over the world. More details on the "Delivery" page.

    • Blade steel tipePlow
    • Lengtn blade (os)285 mm
    • Witdth blade (os)35 mm
    • Толщина клинка6 mm
    • Product weight, gram195
    • SheathLeather
    • Hardness (HRC)54
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