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Knife Chef No. 11 steel K340 handle paduk acrylic

Knife Chef No. 11 steel K340 handle paduk acrylic

Артикул: 10835-1
Pre-order only
По Вашему желанию мы можем нанести на клинке ножа: надпись, Ваше ФИО, пожелание или рисунок (к примеру какого-нибудь животного). Гравировка Кузница Назарова В.В. наносится бесплатно.
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  • Knife Chef No. 11 - a slightly enlarged model of the previous knife in the series (Chief 10). A universal model for the work of a real Chef. This product can easily be called a multifunctional balanced kitchen knife. It easily allows you to cope with the three main tasks of the cook: shredding, chopping, cutting, products of animal and vegetable origin.

    Changing the dimensions of the knife is possible within the framework of certification documents. It is possible to manufacture a knife in a different modification (changing the material of the handle and / or blade steel), only from the materials presented on the site, in agreement with the manager. A product with a modified modification is classified as “non-standard” and is subject to prepayment (see payment methods here) in the amount of 40% to 100%.

    Individual engraving on the knife is made only after 100% prepayment for the service.

    Delivery of products of the Nazarov Forge is carried out all over the World. More details on the "Delivery" page.

    • Blade steel tipe К340-Bohler
    • Материал рукояти Акрил, Падук
    • Lengtn blade (os) 190 mm
    • Witdth blade (os) 45 mm
    • Толщина клинка 1.6 mm
    • Lengtn handle (os) 115 mm
    • Hardness (HRC) 62
    • Product weight, gram 130
    • Конструкция Фиксированные
    • Срок изготовления 2-3 рабочих недели
    • Sheath Leather

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