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Folding knives

Folding knife the most valuable assistant to this man. Convenience folding knives there is no doubt. In the garage or at the cottage, hunting or fishing folding knifeand always find a use. the
Forge Nazarov V. V. is engaged in manufacturing folding knives from Damascus steel.Now forge Nazarov V. V. maintains the tradition of making folding knives, Buy knife, You can right here. the Folding knives - a small pocket "invisible". Thanks to its small dimensions in the folded form, easy to hide and carry almost everywhere. But, not so long ago, conventional knives with fixed blade was given significant preference. After all, in comparison with folding knives, they were simple and convenient in use.

Dear customers folding switchblade knives in our catalog are NOT!

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Blade steel tipe:
Blade steel tipe:
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